Special Master, PhD and Post-doc programs

  • European program for Master of Science in Computational Mechanics, offered jointly by UPC, Swansea, Nantes and Stuttgart. See http://www.cimne.com/cm-master .Israelis are non-Europeans for this purpose and are eligible for scholarships. The registration deadline is 31 January.
  • Simula Research Laboratory (SLR), located just outside Oslo, has currently several open PhD and Postdoc positions in scientific computing.
    These positions will be part of the recently awarded Center of Excellence “Center for Biomedical Computing”.
    According to SLR publications, in recent years the main application area there has been biomedical computing, in particular the simulation of electrophysiological and mechanical activity in the human heart.For further details and application procedures, please see http://simula.no/jobs/PhD_Postdoc_SC/