Awardees of the best presentation competition


Meeting Name Title
ISCM-40 Mr. Lior Medina Snap-through behavior of electrostatically actuated initially curved shallow micro plates
ISCM-41 Mr. Tomer Levin Obstacle Identification using the TRAC Algorithm
The winner of the combined ISCM-40 and ISCM-41 is Mr. Lior Medina
ISCM-42 Mr. Hanan Amar Mixed-Dimensional Modeling of Time-Dependent Wave Problems Using the Nitsche Method
ISCM-43 Ms. Dana Bishara An advanced finite element formulation for modeling electro-active polymers
The winner of the combined ISCM-42 and ISCM-43 is Ms. Dana Bishara
ISCM-44 Dr. Yaniv Brick Fast low rank approximation of oscillatory kernel integral equation – based off – diagonal matrix blocks
ISCM-45 Mr. Roman Kositski The origin of the Hugoniot elastic limit spike and precursor decay in shocked body-centered cubic metals
The winner of the combined ISCM-44 and ISCM-45 is Mr. Roman Kositski
ISCM-46 Dr. Symeon Papadimitropoulos Imaging in three-dimensional waveguides with partial aperture data
ISCM-47 Mr. Rafi Sela An extension of the immersed boundary method based on the distributed Lagrange multiplier approach: Theory and applications
The winner of the combined ISCM-46 and ISCM-47 is Mr. Rafi Sela
ISCM-48 Dr. Adar Kahana Deep-learning method for locating sources in underwater acoustics with high noise
ISCM-49 Mr. Liav Daraf Rheological model for tumor cell progression and metastasis
The winner of the combined ISCM-48 and ISCM-49 is Mr. Liav Daraf
ISCM-50 Ms. Ori Saporta-Katz A kinematic-dynamic 3D model for density-driven ocean flows: Construction, global well-posedness, and dynamics
ISCM-51 Mr. Ilaie Nadejde Classic or Nonsymmorphic 2D Phononic Crystals
The winner of the combined ISCM-50 and ISCM-51 is Ms. Ori Saporta-Katz